Kids’ Activities – Leave the Mobile Devices Behind!

In our gadget-addicted society, it can be a challenge to find kids’ activities that require children to put down their electronics in favor of play in the fresh air and sunshine. Many cities have plenty of family activities that are great ways to get everyone together for outdoor fun. Most are convenient, inexpensive, and sometimes even free. Here are some suggestions for ways to get your crew off the devices and into the sunshine!

Outdoor Fun Even in Winter

The challenge to get your little ones outdoors in winter can be quite a task, but there are plenty of ways to bundle up and do outdoor activities. If you live in a snowy climate, think outside the box and let creative children make things differently from the usual snowman. Bring food coloring outside and make colorful snow sculptures. Children love to build forts in snowdrifts and go sledding, and these activities can also be great ways to keep in shape with lots of walking and lifting. In warmer climates with less snow, take your kids on a scavenger hunt, or observe the behaviors of animals as they forage and prepare for winter while keeping a journal of their habits. Also, include your children in preparation for winter or the coming spring by clearing debris, getting rid of leaves, or making sure plants are protected from freezing conditions.

Take a Day Trip or Indulge in an Ecotourism Vacation

There are many vacation spots and even shorter day trip locations that you and your family can enjoy. Places such as nature preserves, county parks, or other outdoor activity locations combine kids’ activities with educational opportunities. There are many farms close to major cities that offer petting zoos for younger children or farming activities and tours where children can learn about crops, livestock, and daily life on a farm. If you’re looking to splurge and take your family to somewhere other than an amusement park on vacation, there are many ecotourism options available now. The trick is to involve your kids in nature and to show them that learning doesn’t have to be a bore and that being active will keep their bodies and minds healthy, too.

Invest in Equipment to Entice Kids to Be Outdoors

Next time you need ideas for a birthday or Christmas gift, instead of shelling out money on expensive devices or video systems, think of investing in new camping gear or new bikes for the whole family. Most bikes for leisurely rides in the neighborhood cost around $150. This is a fraction of what a laptop or video game system with all the options and games costs! Some kids might be hesitant at first to swap a day of playing on a device with riding a bike, but once most kids get into it, they appreciate the freedom and fun that comes along with biking. Camping also gives children freedom and requires them to learn valuable life skills like swimming, fishing, cooking over an open fire, and being responsible overall.

Electronics are sometimes an inescapable part of our daily lives, so it can be difficult to convince most adolescents or even toddlers to put them away. But there are plenty of kids’ activities that can become a great way for your family to connect to each other and get out in nature to explore.